237.10 Distribution of Contract Plans

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Plans and proposals are distributed to the districts in the following manner:

237.10.1 Pre-Bid Opening

Three copies of proposals without covers are furnished as soon as they are prepared and assembled for final review prior to advertising of the project. Suggested distribution is one each to district project operations and design. When corrections are necessary, corrected sheets are furnished for both plans and proposals. It is very desirable to avoid or hold corrections to an absolute minimum. This can best be accomplished by a thorough review prior to submission of plans.

When the project is placed in a bid opening and advertised, ten copies of “orange back” bidding proposals and ten sets of plans, when applicable, are furnished to the district. Copies of changes are also furnished for these plans and proposals as required.

237.10.2 Post-Bid Opening

Two copies of the unexecuted contract are sent to the district at the same time copies are sent to the contractor for execution. One copy of the executed contract is furnished to the district. All remaining plans are sent to the district after the bid opening and award of the contract.

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