1036.7 Laboratory Testing for Sec 1036

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This article establishes procedures for Laboratory testing and reporting samples of reinforcing steel for concrete. Refer to Sec 1036 for MoDOT's specifications.

1036.7.1 Procedure

Samples consist of uncoated and epoxy coated deformed bars, plain steel for fabric reinforcement. Original test results and calculations shall be reported through AASHTOWARE Project (AWP).

1036.7.1.1 Billet-Steel Deformed Bars

Billet-steel deformed bars shall consist of Grade 40, 60 or 75 steel.

1036. Uncoated Billet-Steel

Samples of uncoated billet-steel deformed bars shall be tested in accordance with AASHTO M31. Tests consist of tensile properties, bending properties, weight variation, and measurements of deformations.

1036. Epoxy Coated Billet-Steel

Samples of epoxy coated billet-steel deformed bars, when submitted for steel properties, shall be tested in accordance with AASHTO M31 except that the weight (mass) variation and measurement of deformations shall not apply. The flexibility of coating test shall be performed in accordance with Sec 1036.

1036.7.1.2 Spiral Reinforcement

Spiral reinforcement shall conform either to the requirements for reinforcing steel bar, except that it may be plain or deformed; or it shall be cold drawn steel wire conforming to the requirements of AASHTO M32. Tests for plain steel bars are the same as for deformed bars except the requirements for deformations are not applicable. Tests for cold drawn steel wire consist of tensile properties, bending properties, and wire diameter variations.

1036.7.1.3 Welded Wire Fabric

Welded wire fabric shall be tested in accordance with AASHTO M55. Tests consist of tensile properties, bending properties, wire diameter variations and weld shear tests, if specified.

The wire diameter variations shall conform to the tolerances prescribed for the wire before fabrication in AASHTO M32 except that the manufacturer may use oversized wire in the fabrication of welded wire fabric, but not undersized wire. The size differential shall not exceed one "W" size increment on sizes W8 and smaller and two "W" size increments on sizes larger than W8. Sizes referred to are those shown in AASHTO M32. In all cases where oversizing exists, the fabric shall be identified and used as that originally ordered or offered for use.

1036.7.1.4 Samples Not Within Specifications

If a reinforcing steel sample is not within specifications on the initial sample and further testing is desired, resampling and testing should be done in accordance with the applicable specification for which the steel is being furnished. If no retesting procedures are indicated, random re-samples are to be double that initially taken from each lot sampled, and all resamples must comply with the specifications.

1036.7.2 Sample Record

The sample record shall be completed in AASHTOWARE Project (AWP), as described in AWP MA Sample Record, General, and shall indicate acceptance, qualified acceptance, or rejection. Appropriate remarks, as described in EPG 106.20 Reporting, are to be included in the remarks to clarify conditions of acceptance or rejection. Test results shall be reported on the appropriate templates under the Tests tab.