104.11 Project Scoping Documentation

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SIMS form
completed SIMS form
SAFER tool

Documentation of the recommended solution to a given need and the concurrence of MoDOT management in the project’s scope is documented through a completed SIMS form. Subsequent changes to the project scope and/or estimate must be documented and approved through the project scope change process discussed in EG 104.12 Scope Changes. The SIMS form submitted for the inclusion of any right of way funds or construction funds in the STIP must contain a detailed description of the recommended solution to a given need. A box is included on the SIMS form that will allow the project manager to include project specific details about the proposed solution. The details of the project’s scope, any reasons needed to support the choice of those details and the project’s budget and delivery schedule must be included on the SIMS form.

Once the SIMS form is submitted to Transportation Planning for approval and subsequent inclusion in the STIP, an automatically generated email will be sent to the District Engineer (or designee) for approval, and to the Design Liaison Engineer and district planners for informational purposes. After considering the various input received, the District Engineer (or designee) will either log into SIMS and approve the change electronically or will email a reply to all concurring with the project’s scope.

Projects that are classified as Major Projects or are funded from statewide funds will require the additional approval of Transportation Planning before the funds are added to the STIP.

If the District Engineer and/or Transportation Planning, as applicable, do not concur with the project’s scope, the SIMS form will not be accepted and the project will require more discussion by the District Engineer and/or Transportation Planning.

Should the District Engineer choose to respond by email, the district planner will scan the email and uploaded them to SIMS. Once that email is uploaded, Transportation Planning will approve or reject the project scope in SIMS on behalf of the District Engineer.