106.16 Special Designs and Shop Drawings

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Drawings from producers can be classified as either special designs or as shop drawings. If the classification of the drawing(s) is unclear, ask the producer for clarification.

A copy of all files related to special designs and shop drawings are to be retained in the eProjects system.

106.16.1 Special Designs

The submission of special design information is necessary for various pre-cast concrete elements when the producer is required or allowed to alter the standard design provided by MoDOT. Requirements

Drawings, associated design data and plans submitted to MoDOT for approval, shall be sealed by a professional engineer (registered in Missouri) representing the contractor or supplier. This is necessary when actual design criteria or design detail is the responsibility of the submitter. The most common examples of this are Special Design Items, such as special design pre-cast box culverts, submitted to Central Office through the district Materials staff. Approval Procedure

Ensure the design drawing is sealed by a professional engineer and that the producer points out what causes the design to be non-standard. Identifying how the special design breaks from the standard is important to help keep the reviewer from having to “hunt” for the important areas. Forward the special design request to the MoDOT person qualified to make a review (usually this is Bridge Division). If additional information is needed, work with the MoDOT reviewer and the producer to get the needed information. Once the reviewer has made a judgment, let the producer know the results. It is proper to use the word “approved” for successfully reviewed special designs.

106.16.2 Shop Drawings

A shop drawing is used in many fabrication processes as a way to add details necessary to produce the item. Shop drawings do not and should not alter or override a stamped drawing. Requirements

Shop drawings used for set-up in the plant and by MoDOT for inspection purposes, even if submitted to MoDOT for approval, do not have to be sealed by a professional engineer as the drawing simply indicates the process, dimensions and procedure to be used to obtain the design previously supplied by MoDOT. Approval of shop drawings does not allow the finished product to deviate from MoDOT’s design.

Items Producing Shop Drawings Responsible for Review
• Structures made of Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Metals Bridge Division
• Bridge Expansion Devices and Bearings made with Structural Steel Components
• Mechanical Stabilized Walls next to Bridge Abutments (with Bridge #)
• Prestressed Concrete Members for Bridges (as well as District CM)
• Overhead Sign Trusses
• For detail list of shop drawings reviewed/not reviewed by Bridge Division, see 1080.2.1 to 1080.2.3
• Lighting Poles Highway Safety and Traffic Division
• Screw Anchor Foundations for lighting poles
• Steel Post and Mast Arm for Traffic Signals
• Steel Casings for Drilled Shafts District Construction and Materials
• Manufactured components not listed above
• Prestressed Concrete Members for Bridges (as well as BR)
• Mechanical Stabilized Walls with a Wall # (not a Bridge #) District Design Approval Procedure

Respond to the producer to acknowledge receipt of the drawings. Generally, MoDOT does not need to “approve” shop drawings except for sign trusses and bridge related items. If the word “approve” or a similar term in used in your response, include a disclaimer similar to the following statement:

“Approval of these shop drawings does not override any contract drawing or specification.”