106.17 New Product Evaluation

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New Product Submittals
With each new product submittal, the following information must be provided:
New Product Evaluation Form
• The applicable MoDOT Specification
• An appropriately sized sample
• The Material Safety Data Sheet
• The required product documentation
• Any applicable test results
• All necessary PAL documentation (if for PAL submittal)
• Any additional product information that will be beneficial for our review

The New Product Evaluation Form submits new products for possible addition to the MoDOT pre-established product lists (Construction and Material’s Qualified List (QL), Pre-Acceptance List (PAL), Crashworthy End Terminal Listing (CETL), or Traffic’s Approved Products List (APL) for Traffic Signals and Highway Lighting Equipment). This form shall also be used to submit new products where no MoDOT standard or specification currently exists (that is, for new products considered experimental or innovative). A separate form must be completed for each new product submitted. MoDOT may require updates, re-completion of this form or further testing to maintain approved status of products.

In an effort to make the new products evaluation procedure more efficient and to track all new submittals, MoDOT has adopted a one-person central contact. All submittals will be sent to the New Products Coordinator, located in Construction and Materials Division. The New Products Coordinator will be in direct contact with the appropriate divisions for product evaluation.

Upon submittal, the New Products Coordinator reviews the completed New Product Evaluation (NPE) Form along with accompanying information for MoDOT use. Incomplete NPE forms and/or erroneous information on the form cause products to be rejected for evaluation. The New Products Coordinator contacts the highway authorities and other state agencies that the vendor reports as using the product. In performing the initial review, the following will be considered:

1) Does the documentation received indicate that the product will perform as stated?
2) Does a true need exist for the product in MoDOT?
3) Will the product be economically competitive?

This form is used for all products, routine or otherwise. As such, the amount of testing and type of evaluation required for MoDOT approval will depend on many factors and will be determined by the appropriate MoDOT personnel that use similar products. Following the review of the completed NPE Form, the New Products Coordinator will consult pertinent MoDOT divisions. If MoDOT desires to further evaluate or test this product, MoDOT determines the methods and needs, then contacts the manufacturer/supplier with details. The manufacturer/supplier may need to supply, at no cost to MoDOT, the product and any special equipment needed to install the product at a MoDOT test site. The manufacturer/supplier will be encouraged to install the product.

One of the roles of the New Products Coordinator is to track the status of all product submittals. These tracking classifications are important to share with MoDOT personnel so that decisions can be made and MoDOT personnel are informed of what is being evaluated. Examples of MoDOT new product status classifications:

  • Proposed: Recently submitted and under initial review.
  • Declined: Declined for further evaluation.
  • Currently evaluating: Under evaluation for potential department use.
  • Approved for use: Evaluated and approved for MoDOT use.
  • Not approved for use: Evaluated and rejected for MoDOT use.

Submit completed forms to:

Attn: New Products Coordinator
MoDOT Research
1617 Missouri Blvd
PO BOX 270
Jefferson City MO 65109
Email: npef@modot.mo.gov