106.22 Material Inspection Revisions

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This article establishes procedures so users of EPG 106 articles may suggest revisions or improvements to the material inspection process.

This article is intended to be easy to use and at the same time standardize procedures and methods throughout the state. Anyone who uses this article is encouraged to submit suggestions that will enhance, simplify or clarify the procedures for the inspection and acceptance of materials.

106.22.1 Procedure

Suggestions for revision or improvements to the material inspection process should be sent to the State Construction and Materials Engineer. The suggestions may be either in letter form detailing the recommendations, by attaching a copy of the particular standard (specification section, JSP, standard plan or EPG article) marked with the suggested revisions, or by contacting the division contact responsible for the standard to be revised. A list of division contacts is in the EPG Help Article. Any of these contacts may be made electronically.

A complete description of the suggested changes should be made in order to accomplish an accurate review. Submissions related to, or referencing, an existing national specification should include a discussion of that interaction, especially when there is conflict. Specific background documentation of the reason for the change must be included.

Care should be taken to accommodate more than one valid standard. This may occur when a new specification is issued but the existing specification continues to be valid under existing contracts. It may be necessary for the suggestion to describe two distinct procedures.

106.22.2 Review

Upon receipt, the suggestions will be reviewed and if necessary, the originator will be contacted for any clarification or further details.

Approved revisions will be prepared showing revision marks with deletions being crossed out, additions being underlined and showing vertical revision marks where the revision is made. The State Construction and Materials Engineer or representative will approve or disapprove for general intent.

A draft copy will be circulated to the appropriate sections of Construction and Materials. Any comments will be reviewed, and a draft copy will be prepared for approval by the State Construction and Materials Engineer and, if appropriate, submitted to Engineering Policy Services for MoDOT approval and incorporation into the Engineering Policy Guide (EPG).

The originator will be notified if the suggestion is approved by Construction and Materials and a copy of the proposed EPG draft will be furnished. If the suggestion does not receive Construction and Materials approval, the originator will be notified and the reasons for not approving the suggestion will be so stated.

106.22.3 General Format

All EPG article entries will follow the general format used in the EPG. Article entries will be numbered to closely correspond to that of the spec book. If the article does not match an existing specification section, the article may use the next available sequential number. Revisions submitted to the EPG for approval should follow the guidelines listed in the EPG Help Article.