TM-87 No-Pick-Up Time for Tack Coats

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This test method covers the procedure for determining the no-pick-up time for tack coat products in a laboratory setting. Equipment

1. 30 pound asphalt felt roofing paper.
2. Wheel and ramp as specified in ASTM D711 Figure 1.
3. Replaceable O rings.
4. Timer.
5. White paper for analysis of no track time.
6. Application bar capable of applying 15 mil of tack coat.
7. Hygrometer Specimens

Sample of tack coat to be evaluated. Procedure

1. Using a 15 mil thickness setting, apply tack coat material to roofing paper. Roofing paper was selected to replicate asphalt surface.
2. After material is allowed to sit for 20 minutes, perform ASTM D711. Allow cylindrical weight to roll through the tack on the roofing paper and then across white sheet of paper. This process is repeated every 10 minutes until 60 minutes from initial tack application has elapsed.
3. Analyze the white paper for tack material transferred from the O rings from the weighted cylinder. Report

The laboratory report shall contain the following:

Material was tack free 60 minutes from application. Yes or No