153.4 Administrative

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Available Administrative Boilerplate Agreements1 What triggers the use of this agreement? When is it used? Who are the drafters? Who needs to review the document prior to execution?2 Who signs for MoDOT?3 Is acknowledge-
ment by a notary public required?
Link to Available Instructions Applicable MHTC Policies
Executing Signature Approval as to Form Attestation Signature
AD01_Identification_of_ Controlling_Agreement Used to identify the controlling agreement when more than one version of an agreement was executed Original Drafter that executed the agreement more than once If standard contract language is modified, CC reviews before proceeding Director, Deputy Director/Chief Engineer, Chief Financial Officer, Assistant Chief Engineer, Chief Safety and Operations Officer, or Chief Administrative Officer Chief Counsel's Office Commission Secretary's Office No NA Execution of Documents
1 Use the eAgreements site to find and begin drafting the corresponding boilerplate agreement.
2 Any agreement that is changed from its original form must be reviewed by CCO. Please refer to EPG 153.1.4 Step 3, Chief Counsel’s Office (CCO) Review and throughout EPG 153 for guidance on when to contact CCO. When in doubt, do not hesitate to contact CCO for guidance.
3 Can also be found in the Commission policies. Includes the Execution of Documents policy or a policy for a specific subject.