171.1 Administration

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ADM(A1) Maintenance Divisions Role

The Maintenance Division sets broad policy, shares best practices and provides quality assurance for maintenance of the state highway system.

ADM(A2) Policy Amendments

Changes to existing policies, the addition of a new policy or the deletion of an existing policy must be handled by the Engineering Policy Group. The Engineering Policy Group assists the divisions in the development of new policy and revising existing policy.

ADM(A3) Maintenance of Park Roads

Under an agreement with the Department of Natural Resources, Division of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, MoDOT administers a pavement management program for roads and parking areas in the state parks. This program includes the inspection, rating and maintenance of pavements within the parks. It may include the resurfacing of park facilities by a contract if feasible for the department to do so. Materials and procedures used for the maintenance of park facilities shall meet MoDOT specifications and standards for similar work on the state highway system.

The Department of Natural Resources will reimburse MoDOT for all work done in the State Parks by department forces that is not on the State Highway System.

ADM(A4) Construction by Maintenance Forces

Refer to EPG 646.4 Work Funded by Maintenance.

ADM(A5) Safety in Maintenance Operations

The Traffic Control for Field Operations, Risk Management's Safety Policies and EPG 821 Herbicides and Roadsides shall be followed to be sure safety guidelines are being adhered to during all maintenance field operations as well as all activities involving maintenance employees on the job.

ADM(A6) Private Property Damage

Claims made against the department for maintenance activities shall be handled in accordance with Risk Management Policy General Liability Procedures. Maintenance forces are not to be used to correct the damage unless authorized or an emergency exists where immediate effort by our workforce is necessary to prevent further damage.

ADM(A7) Property Damage Numbers

All accident damage involving state equipment or property shall be reported as soon as possible in accordance with Risk Management Property Damage Procedures.

171.1.1 Agreements

ADM(B1) Maintenance Responsibilities in Cities

Maintenance obligations for highways in cities are defined by Urban Agreements or Maintenance Agreements. Basically the MHTC agrees to maintain said routes in the same manner and to the same extent that it maintains other state highways of the same classification and type in similar areas of the state. Due to variances in these agreements, each individual agreement must be reviewed to determine the particulars agreed upon at the time of execution. Urban agreements are usually negotiated by the Design Division in conjunction with a construction project. Maintenance Agreements are usually negotiated by district Maintenance personnel and/or the Area Engineer. These agreements should be reviewed on a regular basis to determine where MoDOT’s responsibilities end. These agreements should also be reviewed whenever a proposed Change in Route Status Report and/or a Roadway Relinquishment Agreement is developed in a municipality.

ADM(B2) Contracts for Maintenance on City Streets

In certain situations, it may be necessary for the department to contract for the maintenance of city streets. Two standard contract forms have been developed, each with a specific purpose in mind:

  • Surfacing Contract (For Resurfacing Parking Areas Adjacent to the Traveled Thruway Maintained by the Commission) (MT01)
  • Maintenance Agreement (For Roads and Streets Not in the State Highway System) (MT02)

171.1.2 Division Guidelines

ADM(C1) Bulletin Boards

Refer to Human Resources intranet website Required Workplace Notices, concerning notices that are required to be posted on the crew bulletin board at all times.

ADM(C2) Maintenance Contracts

Refer to Delegation of Authority and Execution of Documents as established by the Commission. Approved Maintenance contract and agreement templates can be found in eAgreements, which is located in the Chief Counsel’s Office SharePoint site in the “Contracts Manual & Forms” button.

ADM(C3) Functional Maintenance

Policy does not exist any more.

ADM(C4) Roadway Features Inventory

Policy does not exist any more.

171.1.3 Operations

ADM(D1) Cold Weather Operations

When the ambient temperature is below 10° F or the wind chill index is below 5° F, routine roadway surface maintenance operations, including crack pouring, should be deferred. Emergency maintenance operations, including surface repairs, must still be performed as needed. When the temperature is below 10° F, routine operations should be confined to operations in sheltered areas, such as brush cutting, where exposure is minimized.

ADM(D2) Reimbursement for Meals

Refer to EPG 133.3.7 Reimbursement for Meals.

ADM(D3) Advanced Right of Way Purchase

All expenditures for mowing, chemical weed control, right of way clean up of litter, surfacing temporary entrances, etc. on right of way purchased for future highways shall be charged against the applicable right of way project. All work of this nature shall be coded to district right of way, function code 139 (incidental cost), object code as applicable, and to the appropriate right of way project number. Charges can be made to the right of way project until it is closed out. Excess right of way is to be treated as normal right of way when coding expenditures.

Occasionally the maintenance division is called upon to perform work normally considered a construction function, such as detour signing for a construction project. This work will be financed with construction funds. Prior approval for use of maintenance forces must be obtained from the division office for construction work. This type of work shall be held to a minimum.

ADM(D4) Disaster Preparedness

Refer to MoDOT's Incident Response Plan.

ADM(D5) Tarping Loads

Refer to Risk Management's Safety Policies.

ADM(D6) Weight/Over Dimension Compliance

Refer to Risk Management's Safety Policies.

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ADM(D7) Highway Incident Reporting

Refer to MoDOT's Incident Response Plan - Appendix V.