171.3 Roadway Maintenance

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RDW(A1) Temporary Pavement Marking

Refer to EPG 616. Pavement Markings.

RDW(A2) Longitudinal Crack Pouring/Sealing

Refer to EPG 570.2.1 Filling and Sealing.

RDW(A3) Railroad Crossing Maintenance

Refer to EPG 643.4.4 Maintenance Activities.

RDW(A4) Roadway Width

Refer to EPG 470.2 Asphalt Surface and Roadbed Widths.

Roadway Taper at Railroad Crossings, refer to EPG 643.4.4.3 Roadway Taper at Railroad Crossings.

171.3.1 Bituminous

RDW(B1) Contract Level Course

Refer to EPG 470.8.3 Contract Leveling Course.

RDW(B2) Maintenance Leveling Course Program

Refer to EPG 470.8.4 Maintenance Leveling.

RDW(B3) Cutback Asphalt

Refer to EPG 470.3 Types of Bituminous Materials – Liquid Asphalt Materials.

171.3.2 Concrete

RDW(C1) Concrete Replacement

Refer to EPG 570 Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Maintenance.

RDW(C2) Calibrated Ready-Mix Plants

Refer to EPG 570 Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Maintenance regarding material requirements from a calibrated plant.