171.5 Drainage

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Culvert Pipe Replacement

171.5.1 Pipe/Water Flow

DRN(A1) Polyethylene Pipe Liner

The hydraulic effects of lining failed corrugated metal pipes with polyethylene liner shall be weighed when making the decision whether to use polyethylene liners. Refer to EPG 750.2 Culverts concerning the hydraulic analysis of culverts to ensure the liner does not impact the capacity of the culvert.

DRN(A2) Change in Water Inflow and Outflow

Refer to EPG 748.10 Legal Aspects of Hydraulic Design, EPG 750 Hydraulic Analysis and also contact the Chief Counsel's Office concerning questions about changing water inflow and outflow of a drainage structure.

DRN(A3) Drainage Pipe Replacement

Refer to EPG 750.7.2 Types regarding the type of pipe that must be used for specific roadway AADTs.

DRN(A4) Plastic Pipe

Refer to EPG 750.7.2 Types regarding pipe that must be used for a specific roadway AADT and refer to Sec 1047 concerning specific pipe material specifications.

Corrugated polyethylene pipe is particularly effective for locations where high acidity or alkalinity of soils or waters or other corrosive elements are present. Polyethylene or concrete pipe shall be used in these situations in lieu of metal pipes.

Corrugated polyethylene pipe shall be installed in accordance with Secs 730.3 through 730.5 (including subsections).

171.5.2 Levees

DRN(B1) Levee Attachments

Levees shall not be constructed by others on right of way unless approval has been specifically granted by an MHTD Commission agreement.

DRN(B2) Levee Fees and Taxes

Levee districts have obtained authority to assess maintenance fees against MHTC property that receives benefits from the levee districts. Such fees and taxes shall be paid. Drainage districts assessments are not to be paid. State statutes do not mandate payments to drainage districts.

171.5.3 Water Management

DRN(C1) Industrial and Domestic Waste Waters on Right of Way

Refer to EPG Industrial and Domestic Waste Waters on Right of Way.

DRN(C2) 404 Permits

Refer to EPG 127.1 Request for Environmental Services and EPG Laws and Regulations prior to doing any work in streams or wetlands.

DRN(C3) Storm Water Regulation

Refer to EPG 806.4 Maintenance Activities concerning storm water control requirements for Maintenance Operations.

DRN(C4) System Attachment by Others

Refer to EPG System Attachments by Others.

DRN(C5) Easements

Refer to EPG Permanent Easements and the specific roadway plans concerning types of easement obtained by the department for a particular location. In order to maintain proper drainage it may be necessary to work outside established right of way limits. Drainage easements have been established in order for the department to maintain drainage and to protect the integrity of the highway facility. The department does not assume any responsibility for maintenance of the easement or drainage in the easement. Property owners must be contacted when it is necessary to remove fences, waste dirt outside the limits of the easement or when moving equipment over private property. Written consent of the property owner must be obtained. If additional drainage easement is needed, a permanent maintenance drainage easement must be obtained by Right of Way.

DRN(C6) Watershed Diversion

Refer to EPG 748.10 Legal Aspects of Hydraulic Design and contact the Chief Counsel's Office concerning questions about diverting drainage from one watershed to another.

171.5.4 Grates and Gates

DRN(D1) Bicycle Grates

Refer to EPG 614 Drainage Fittings (Grate Inlets) and EPG 640.1.4.1 Grate Inlets (Precast Type A, B, C & D) concerning the types of grates to be used on all roadways.

DRN(D2) Cattle Pass

Refer to EPG 646.3 Private Underpasses concerning cattle pass maintenance.

DRN(D3) Flood Gates

Refer to EPG 614.5 Maintenance of Flood Gates.