237.3 Summary and Tabulation of Quantities

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Quantities for a project are summarized by the use of (1) summary of quantities sheet and (2) D-2BS signing quantities sheet. Arbitrary quantities primarily used to establish a unit bid price are not to be included. The use of arbitrary quantities can cause unbalanced bidding and can result in excessive costs and potential litigation.

Summary of Quantities

The summary of quantities sheet is a summary of all quantities from the plan-profile sheets of a project. In addition to summarizing, the summary of quantities sheet also supplements details shown on the plan-profile sheets by providing additional detail information.

Additional Information
The Excel Sheet for loading the D-2BS Sheet is available at pw:\\modot-pw.bentley.com:modot-pw-02\Documents\CADD_Standards\Seed%20Files\Design%20-%20English\d2bs_quantity_sheet.xlsm.
The designer enters the info and hits the “Run” button near the top left. This opens the 2BS file in MicroStation. In MicroStation, there is a button to pick up the Excel sheet’s information and paste it into the desired MicroStation file.

The summary of quantities sheet is prepared by the district. If more than one sheet is required, the sheets are numbered “Sheet 1 of _____”, “Sheet 2 of _____”, etc. Reference is made on the sheets to the plan-profile sheet to which the data applies. For MoDOT users, a summary of quantities sheet can now be easily created through QuanTab, which allows a user to bring data from an Excel spreadsheet template into MicroStation while adhering to MoDOT design standards.

The current D-2BS is available through ProjectWise and is used to summarize signs and other items used on the traffic control plans. This form is available for full size plans (22 in. x 34 in.). Form D-2BS is available in MicroStation.

Continuous job-length quantities, such as paving, are to be broken down into quantities by plan sheet or other convenient breaking point. Each item for “Removal of Improvements” is listed, along with a brief description, quantity, and the station, offset, and plan sheet number of that item. Culvert cleanout is shown with the station, plan sheet number, type, size and length of culvert. The limits of cut compaction and the quantity of excavation, borrow or embankment needed for any approved crashworthy end terminals are also shown.