570.6 Preparation of Portland Cement Concrete Surfaces Prior to Resurfacing

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In order to improve the life and riding quality of asphaltic concrete upper decks, certain essential preparations of the old concrete surface are necessary.

CONCRETE PATCHING - All moving, badly broken or disintegrated areas should be patched prior to resurfacing. Preparatory work may be included in the construction contract and financed with construction funds. Patching may be done with either concrete or asphaltic concrete; however, it is preferred when patching routes carrying considerable truck traffic that the patching be done with reinforced concrete.

UNDERSEALING - The need fo undersealing is to be determined, and if necessary it will be contracted and paid for from Construction funds.

BITUMINOUS DECKS - All cold mix bituminous decks should be removed except in cases where they are properly cured, the pavement under them is in good condition, and no movement or cracking will be encountered under a heavy roller. If necessary, the removal will be by maintenance forces and funds.

SMALL BITUMINOUS PATCHES - All small rich bituminous patches or cold mix patches should be replaced with asphaltic concrete or concrete. This work will be by maintenance with maintenance funds.

CRACKS AND JOINTS - The excess material or fatty film caused by crack and joint pouring must be removed. Cracks one-half inch or more in width should be filled with a dense fine graded asphalt mix. This work is to be done by maintenance forces and financed form Construction funds.

EXPANSION JOINTS NEAR BRIDGE ENDS - Where sufficient expansion joints have already been provided they should be cleaned out thoroughly and filled with a mix of cutback asphalt and sawdust. If ample expansion has not already been provided then widen joints in place or cut expansion joints three inches to four inches in width across entire slab, fifty to one hundred feet back of bridge end, and fill as above. This work is to be done by maintenance forces and financed form Construction funds.

METAL CENTER STRIP - All metal center strip is to be removed and the surface patched as necessary. The work will be done by maintenance and financed by construction funds.