607.2 Plans

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Fencing location and installation

Fencing is indicated on plans by appropriate symbol at the time right of way plans are approved by the district. Separate approval of fencing is not required when used in accordance with fencing policy. Plans shall show all drive or walk gates. Utility relocations performed before the fence installation may affect the location of the fence. The district is to request a variance to the commission's utility policy from Design to allow utility facilities to be installed, or relocated, 2 to 8 ft. from the right of way line. This will allow space for the fence to be installed. Fencing location and installation information is available.

Plans shall specify height and type of fence, as required, and the numbers of walk and drive gates. Double-drive gates are considered as a single unit. The type of fence material (zinc-, vinyl- or aluminum-coated steel or aluminum alloy steel) is generally at the contractor's option and is not specified in the contract except where special conditions may dictate the use of a specific type. Typical installation plans are available for various conditions. The use of floodgates in fencing is to be avoided to the greatest extent possible. To eliminate right of way payment for temporary fencing, a special provision is to be provided to require fencing as the first order of construction on a project.

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