611.2 Revetment

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611.2.1 Design

Revetment is used on stream banks in lieu of rock blanket where the thinner protection provided by the revetment is adequate and where stream bank stability will permit. Light stone revetment is used for stream velocities of approximately 8 ft/s (2.4 m/s) or less or where the height of the revetment is 4 ft. (1.2 m) or less. Heavy stone revetment is used where stream velocities exceed approximately 8 ft/s (2.4 m/s) or where the height of the revetment exceeds 4 ft. (1.2 m). Grouted revetments are not used because uneven settling results in cracking and the potential for large washouts. The plans show location, dimensions, and quantities for revetment and specify either light or heavy stone revetment. No direct payment will be made for any excavating or for other work necessary in preparing the subgrade, trenching or backfilling for revetment.

611.2.2 Construction Inspection (Sec 611.50.3)

A single layer of stone or blocks is pieced together and firmly bedded into the slope. Small stones or spalls are worked into the gaps so that the pieces are firmly wedged.

611.2.3 Material Inspection for Sec 611.50

611.2.3.1 Scope

To establish procedures for inspecting and reporting stone, broken concrete and concrete blocks for use in revetment. Portland cement concrete, if used, will be inspected and reported in accordance with the applicable portions of this article and other EPG articles.

611.2.3.2 Apparatus

1. Rule with suitable graduations to accurately measure the material to be inspected.

2. Scale accurate to within 0.5 percent of the weight (mass) of the sample to be weighed.

611.2.3.3 Procedure

Stone, concrete blocks, and broken concrete shall be visually inspected for size, quality, and weight (mass), as applicable. The inspector shall ensure that acceptable portland cement concrete was used in the manufacture of the concrete blocks. A sufficient number of individual pieces shall be measured to determine compliance with Specification Sec 611.50.2. If visual inspection indicates questionable compliance with the weight (mass) requirements, a sufficient number of individual pieces shall be weighed to determine if the material is in compliance with the specifications.

611.2.3.4 Report (Records)

1. Stone and Broken Concrete. Stone and broken concrete shall be reported using AASHTOWARE Project (AWP). "Visual Inspection" shall be shown for Acceptance Method. The Remarks or a Free Form test shall indicate the approximate number of pieces measured.

2. Concrete Blocks. Concrete blocks shall be reported using AWP. The report is to show a Status of Accepted/Complete or Rejected/Fail. Appropriate remarks, as described in EPG 106.20 Reporting, are to be included in the report to clarify conditions of acceptance or rejection.