770.4 Navigation Lights/Light Tenders

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Maintenance of navigation lights and aerial beacons on bridges over navigable waterways is generally the responsibility of the district signal and lighting staff. Making sure the lights are operational is required by federal statutes and all such lighting systems must be kept in proper operation 12 months of the year. Failure of these lighting systems must be corrected with temporary measures until permanent repairs can be made. Frequent inspections during the hours of darkness are necessary to assure such lights are in operation. Rough service bulbs shall be used when replacing light bulbs that have burnt out. Some lights for illumination may or may not be the responsibility of the department and maintenance shall be in accordance with current agreements or contracts for the specific structure.

Where possible, all light tenders shall be MoDOT maintenance employees who will be compensated with overtime as warranted. Tenders who are to be paid at an agreed price on a commercial invoice are permissible.

An agreement (MT03 Observation of Navigation Lights) shall be executed, in eAgreements, with tenders who are not department employees.

All tenders shall be required to perform the following duties:

  • Make inspections twice per week and after storms.
  • Notify the department immediately when bulbs are out or when lights are not working properly.
  • For deficiencies in aerial beacons, the tender is to promptly notify the nearest Flight Service Station.

Submit a monthly report to the district office indicating the location of all lights illuminated at the time of each inspection.