771.17 Concrete Crack Filler - Low Viscosity Polymer (LVP)

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Code: R322

LVP bridge deck crack fillers seal bridge decks with hairline shrinkage cracks to prevent intrusion of water and chlorides into the bridge deck or overlay. The following conditions should be considered when applying polymer crack fillers.

  • LVP crack fillers can be used for filling any size cracks. It is best used as needed for hairline cracks that are narrower than 1/128”.
  • The work should be performed in temperatures below 75°F. Applying the product in cooler weather allows better crack penetration.
  • Decks should be cleaned and pressure washed (2500 psi minimum) and allowed to dry 3 days prior to polymer application and 2 days after any measureable precipitation.
  • Cover expansion devices or other features that are not to be sealed over.
  • Apply polymer at a rate of 100 sq. ft./gal. of deck surface.
  • Use a squeegee or broom to spread polymer uniformly over bridge deck.
  • Broadcast sand at a rate of 1 to 2 lbs./sq. yd. to treat deck surface prior to cure.

Reapplication should be considered as needed.


LVP should be applied according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Refer to Sec 1053.20 for specification.

Health, Environment & Guidance

Work crews should wear appropriate PPE and follow manufacturer’s recommendations when applying. Runoff from crack filling needs to be controlled to prevent contamination of waterways and property damage. Refer to MSDS additional information. See R322 Bridge Seal Coats Maintenance Planning Guidelines for additional information.