771.9 Temporary Bridge Deck Repair

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Code: R323

Temporary bridge deck repair is done to fill the holes in the deck to prevent the accumulation of dirt, debris and chlorides that will accelerate deck deterioration, to provide a smooth safe riding surface for the public and reduce the tire impact loading until permanent repairs can be made.

Additional Information
EPG 948 Incident Response Plan and Emergency Response Management

Holes in bridge decks should be safeguarded from traffic as soon as possible. Repairs should be completed with higher urgency than routing maintenance as weather permits. Consult the patching materials manufacturer’s guide for the weather limitations for use.


Bridge Deck, Repair
Report 2002
See also: Research Publications

Commercial patching materials have different abilities and characteristics. Examples are Instant Road Repair, UPM, Pavon and chips, etc. Hot mix asphalt can also be used when available.

General Note: Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines about preparation and placement. In general, a cleaner and drier repair area prior to filling will provide a better result.