806.4 Preactivity Meeting

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Prior to any land disturbance activities, a preactivity meeting shall be held on the physical job site. This meeting shall be attended by the contractors Water Pollution Control Manager, any erosion sediment control subcontractor, and the engineer, or their representative. The project-specific SWPPP shall be discussed and signed by both parties. The erosion and sediment control plans are to be reviewed for proper BMP selection, areas of non-disturbance where perimeter controls will be placed in conjunction with existing vegetation shall be identified, as well as areas where existing trees can be avoided. All other project-specific features shall be discussed to ensure the expectation of total compliance with plans and all federal and state regulations is understood.

It is acceptable to install perimeter controls and rock entrances prior to the meeting but no other disturbances shall occur until the meeting is held.

Any contractor who will perform work on the site must be notified of the existence of the SWPPP and what precautions are to be taken to minimize the potential for erosion and potential damage to any BMP. A list of all contractors or entities notified shall be documented in the project-specific SWPPP.