806.6 Proper Operation and Maintenance

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The Engineer shall at all times maintain all pollution control measures and systems in good order to achieve compliance with the terms of this general permit. The need to halt or reduce the construction activity in order to maintain compliance with general permit conditions shall not be a defense to MoDOT in a regulatory agency enforcement action. General Environmental Protection MoDOT personnel or contractors hired by MoDOT shall comply with these and any other federal, state, and local laws and regulations controlling pollution of the environment. To ensure that these general criteria are met, the following guidelines will be observed:

  • Machinery shall be kept out of the waterway as much as possible.
  • Fuel, lubricants, debris and other water contaminants shall not be stored in areas that are subject to contact with water (e.g. adjacent to stream banks) or where contaminated runoff from the storage areas can enter waters.
  • Refueling and maintenance (e.g., oil changing) of machinery shall not take place in, or directly alongside, any water body.
  • Clearing of vegetation/trees shall be kept to the minimum required to accomplish the activity.
  • Riparian areas and banks shall be restored to a stable condition through recontouring and revegetation of the area, as necessary, as soon as possible (normally within three working days of final contouring).
  • Work shall be conducted during low flow whenever possible.
  • Wetland areas shall be avoided to the extent practical.
  • Work shall conform to all conditions that are part of the 401 and 404 permit.

Release of any hazardous substance must be reported to the Central Office Environmental Section in accordance with EPG Hazardous Material Spills (Roadway) by Others.

Temporary BMPs are to be removed from the project by the contractor when areas they have been protecting have achieved final stabilization. If it is determined by the engineer that BMPs are to remain in place after the job is closed out, arrangements shall be made with Maintenance personnel to remove the BMPs once they are no longer necessary.

Quantities for Sediment Removal

Quantities for sediment removal are estimated using 1 yd3 per ditch check, 1 yd3 per 100 linear ft. of silt fence and 10 yd3 per sediment basin.