821.12 Mixing and Handling Guidelines

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Definition: Proper mixing, handling and disposing of herbicides.


1. Near storage facility if possible

2. Near potable water source

Away from agricultural crops

3. Away from high-risk areas

a. Water (ponds, streams, wetlands, etc.)
b. Human populations
c. Agricultural crops
d. Livestock and pets
e. Endangered species
f. Desirable species


1. To ensure proper application rates

2. To avoid site contamination

3. To minimize waste


A. Follow PPE (personal protective equipment) requirements as stated on label.

B. Avoid breathing vapor, spray mist, or dust when mixing or handling.

C. Tank Mixing Order for approved formulations:

With tank half full of water, avoiding any backflow:
1. Add water conditioner when necessary
2. Wettable Powder (WP)
3. Flowable (F)
4. Other dry formulations
5. Emulsifiable Concentrates (EC)
6. Water Soluble Liquids
7. Adjuvants and Surfactants
Finish filling tank so there is no backflow.

D. Wash hands thoroughly with plenty of soap and water after mixing and handling.

E. Follow manufacturer's instructions for cleaning / maintaining PPE.

F. Keep all herbicides in properly labeled containers.

Special Recommendations

A. Read the label

B. Launder contaminated clothing separately.

C. Discard clothing that has been drenched with product concentrate.