821.16 Total Vegetation Control Treatment

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Bare ground treatment

Definition: Elimination of all vegetation. Also referred to as bare ground treatment.


1. Reduces mechanical operations (less hand mowing and trimming)

2. Improve appearance of lots and stabilized shoulders

3. Reduces unwelcome critters near facilities

4. Reduces employee roadway exposure

5. Reduces fire hazard

6. Minimizes litter accumulation

Primary Sites:

1. Stabilized shoulders

2. Maintenance lots

3. Commuter lots

4. Cracks (bridges, concrete medians and islands)

All MoDOT trucks are connected by radio

5. Raised aggregate islands

6. Radio tower lots

Optional sites (alternative methods preferred):

1. Guardrails (sealed in asphalt or rock)

2. Signpost and delineators


A. Calibration of equipment required before application

B. Recommended products and rates

1. Custom Mix of Roundup Pro-Esplanade-Method – 2 qt.per acre or 2 qt. per 100 gallons of water
2. Glyphosate can be added to the above products to control existing vegetation at 1 additional qt. per acre or 100 gallons if needed
3. Additives according to label
4. Continuous agitation recommended in all products
5. All applications around signs, attenuators and guardrails should not extend more than 24 in. from the object to eliminate the risk of erosion.

Table 821.16 Total Vegetation Control

Herbicide Broadcast Rate Handgun Rate Comments
Custom Mix 2 qts. per acre 2 qt. per 100 gals Early season
glyphosate 1%-2% solution 1%-2% solution Controls existing vegetation

C. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Follow manufacturer's label recommendations

D. When to apply

1. Late winter – early spring but not applied to frozen ground
2. Reapplication in mid season may be needed in some areas

Special Recommendations

A. Read the label.

B. Location Concern

1. Do not apply over standing or open water
2. Pendulum is preferred in residential areas due to leaching concerns
3. Do not apply on slopes as leaching and erosion will occur
4. Penduleum will discolor guardrail, concrete or any other object to which the product is applied

C. Weather

1. Avoid drift
2. Temperature not a factor

D. Clean up and Disposal

1. Constant agitation is necessary to avoid sedimentation in tank and to ensure proper results
2. Mix only amount you will apply for that day

E. Mode of Action

1. Custom Mix offers both pre-emergent and limited post-emergent control
2. Glyphosate is a post-emergent herbicide only.