821.2 Safety

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Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for handgun applications includes longsleeve shirt, pants (chem. suit), goggles or face shield, rubber boots and rubber gloves.

Definition: Proper handling of herbicides

Why: Proper safety must be a priority for herbicide applications as it is with all MoDOT operations. Worker and public safety are important factors in a successful herbicide program. The following can be referred to for safe handling, storage, mixing and application of herbicides.

1. Product Label - Provided by manufacturer
2. Safety Data Sheets - Provided by manufacturer
3. Safety Policies, Rules & Regulations - MoDOT
4. Traffic Control for Field Operations - MoDOT

MoDOT requirements for proper Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) can be found in the Safety Policies, Rules and Regulations Employee Handbook. More PPE than the label or MoDOT requires can be worn. It is best to protect yourself to the fullest extent.


A. Handling Herbicides

The following PPEs are recommended by MoDOT when handling herbicides. The SDS for each herbicide is the final authority on PPEs required.

1. Long sleeve shirt and pants (disposable chemical suit is best)
2. Shoes and socks
3. Neoprene gloves designed for chemical handling
4. Chemical goggles or face shield, if required
5. Respirator, if required
6. Apron during mixing or as stated on the label – Neoprene or rubber

B. Handgun Applications

Long sleeve shirt, pants (chem suit), goggles, safety glasses or face shield, rubber boots and rubber gloves must be worn for all handgun applications.

C. Respirator may be required when mixing/applying some pesticides so check the label including the SDS.

D. Broadcast (spray bar or boom) Applications

1. PPE such as gloves, goggles and respirators may be removed if the application is made from an enclosed cab of a truck or tractor, if allowed by the label.
2. Keep PPE clean and accessible should you need to get out of the cab.
3. PPE must be worn if applicator is not in an enclosed cab. Spills are addressed in EPG 821.14.
Label Information
Refer to Crop Data Management System's website for label information

Special Recommendations:

A. Read the label.

B. The PPE listed in the product label and SDS is the minimum requirement.

Go to http://www.cdms.net/LabelsMsds/LMDefault.aspx for label information.