821.5 Storage Facilities

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It is best if the storage facility is only for herbicides.

Definition: Adequate separate facilities for storing herbicides

Where to locate:

1. In a secure place

2. Away from high traffic areas

3. Accessible for equipment

4. Where spills can be controlled to prevent runoff

5. Away from water source such as wells and streams


1. Protects people and animals from accidental exposure

2. Protects environment from accidental contamination

3. Prevents damage to pesticides from extreme temperatures and excess moisture

4. Protects pesticides from theft, vandalism and unauthorized use

5. Reduces liability


Additional Information
Feb 2010 Safety Tip

A. Recommended specifications

1. Read the Label for storage guidelines
2. Water tight
3. Impervious floor and shelves
4. Wide doorway to handle pallets and large containers
5. Dedicated to herbicide use only
6. Accessible to spray equipment
7. Shelving to accommodate inventory
8. Display proper signing including placard
9. Protect containers and labels from direct sunlight
10. Adequate lighting

B. Maintenance

1. Maintain facility to keep out rain, rodents and birds
2. Keep floor and shelves free of dirt and spills
3. Isolate waste products
4. Prevent contamination
5. Protect labels
6. Keep containers closed
7. Use original containers
8. Prevent fires
9. Easy access to SDS information

Special Recommendations:

A. Read the label and follow the storage requirements

B. Provide containment to control spills

C. Store safety equipment supplies away from herbicide storage facility

1. PPE’s can be contaminated if exposed to dusts or fumes
2. Personnel could be contaminated while trying to get to the PPE
3. Know your PPE inventory (FIFO)
4. Consider the shelf life

D. Be prepared to protect the inventory from extreme cold

1. Adapt facility to a forklift and move to a shed with heat or insulation
2. Insulate the facility
3. Provide heat to the facility