821.6 Inventory Control and Storage

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Definition: Inventory control is providing adequate inventory for seasonal needs. Proper storage of herbicides is crucial.


1. Readily available product for timely use

2. Inventory kept current is easier to convert to new generation herbicide

3. Excess inventory

a. Exposes herbicide to unnecessary temperature extremes
b. Risk of container damage increases with time


A. How

1. Use old inventory before starting with new (FIFO)
2. Refer to spray logs to plan for new orders
3. Order in a timely manor
4. Track inventory on a regular basis/weekly, monthly

B. When

1. Reduce inventory during extreme hot or cold weather
2. Receive inventory prior to earliest possible spray date
3. Record usage daily
4. Perform monthly physical inventory

Special Recommendations

A. Read the label

B. Consider a small amount of extra inventory

1. Touch up or re-spray missed weeds
2. Extended growing season
3. Early growing season before new order is in inventory

C. Maintain proper SDS information

D. Keep all herbicides in properly labeled containers

E. Store like products together