821.8 Record Keeping

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Definition: A factual account of herbicide usage


1. With the spraying equipment

2. At the storage facility


1. The operator

2. The supervisor

3. The roadside maintenance personnel

Why: Records are tools for planning accountability and reference. They:

1. Show successes under varying conditions

2. Show failures under varying conditions

3. Provides evidence of proper use

4. Provides cost analysis

5. Provides current inventory

6. Provides information for planning future use

7. Provides a safety check on calibration

8. Limits liability

9. Shows areas where work has been done

10. Indicates needs


A. What:

Table 821.8

Daily Records Monthly Records Yearly Records
1. Date 1. Herbicides received 1. Beginning inventory
2. Operator 2. Herbicides used 2. Herbicides received
3. Location – Route, county, log point 3. Inventory totals 3. Herbicides used
4. Target 4. Ending inventory
5. Target area – shoulder, guardrail, spray width, etc. 5. Acres covered
6. Chemical 6. Miles
7. Rate
8. Total applied
9. Acres covered
10. Miles covered
11. Weather conditions
12. Sprayer type
Briefly remark on concentration of target, proximity to non-target plants, water bodies, animal and human populations and any unusual conditions.

B. How:

1. Daily spray reports
2. Inventory reports
3. Roadside notes and assessment

Special Recommendations:

A. Read the label

B. The use of spreadsheets with formulas installed can be used for cost and inventory projections

C. Use the MoDOT spraying form.