823.2 Guidelines for Determining Who is Eligible to Oversee Incarcerated Crews

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Only employees who have attended the Missouri Department of Corrections (MDOC) annual training program will be allowed to oversee incarcerated crews. In addition to required MDOC training, the following guidelines will be followed in determining who is eligible to oversee incarcerated crews.

  • Employees assigned to oversee incarcerated crews should be an intermediate maintenance worker or above.
  • A maintenance worker, who is MDOC trained may, under the direct guidance of a trained, experienced intermediate maintenance worker, oversee incarcerated crews for the purposes of cross-training and employee development. In these instances, the intermediate maintenance worker should regularly visit the work site.
  • Permanent part-time employees and temporary part-time retirees of intermediate maintenance worker and above may oversee incarcerated crews. However, seasonal and other wage employees will not be allowed to oversee incarcerated crews.
  • Employees on modified duty assignment may oversee incarcerated crews provided they are MDOC trained and intermediate maintenance worker or higher job title. Suitability of an employee for this type of modified duty assignment will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • No more than eight inmates, and no less than two, will be assigned to a crew.
  • Responsibility for overseeing incarcerated crews will be a voluntary assignment, except when there are not enough volunteers available within the area. In the case of a mandatory job assignment, all maintenance employees in the particular area, who are MDOC trained and an intermediate maintenance worker or above, will be assigned the task of overseeing incarcerated crews on a rotating basis.
  • At their discretion, districts may designate certain maintenance positions (i.e., intermediate maintenance worker) as being primarily assigned to overseeing incarcerated crews.
  • The state maintenance engineer must approve waivers of these guidelines.