823.5 How to Obtain Assistance

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If you need assistance, try these radio procedures first. If they do not get the desired results, don't hesitate to simply state what you need. The work-release supervisor should contact their immediate supervisor, or appropriate contact, who will then contact the investigator at the institution to convey the situation. The supervisor acts as communicator between the institution and the MoDOT employee with the inmate crew. If the supervisor cannot be contacted, the district office should be contacted. Discretion should be used when talking on the radio about inmate concerns. Remember, citizens have scanners that monitor our radios. A cellular telephone is strongly recommended as equipment that should be included for outfitting a work-release crew.

The following radio codes should help in consistent performance.

Situation Transmission Meaning
Escape Code 17 Urgent, Rush
Code 21, (institution) Call (institution) by telephone
Code 54 Law officer needed
1 Run One inmate trying escape
Registration XXXX XXXX = registration no.
Code 20 Specific location
Await response Wait
Give additional information such as method of travel and direction.
Accident/Injury Code 50, worker injured; J-1 (Minor), J-2 (Serious), J-4 (Fatal) Accident, worker injured
Request necessary assistance Code 21, (Institution) Call institution by telephone
Code 20 Be specific
Await response Wait
Give additional information as requested
Late returning Code 80, (institution), time Advise (institution) I will arrive at "time"