907.4 Missouri Uniform Accident Report

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The Missouri Uniform Accident Report Preparation Manual was last revised January 1, 2024 and is the document used by law enforcement in the event of a crash resulting in a death, a personal injury or property damage of $500 or more. The Missouri uniform accident report is often referred to as the crash report.

The crash report contains information about the people involved in the crash, road condition, vehicle actions, etc. that show aspects of the crash. By knowing how the crash occurred, countermeasures can be implemented to prevent future crashes. Information available on a crash report that are typically important to review:

  • Accident data and time
  • Crash location
  • Crash diagram
  • Person information, i.e. use safety device, personal injury level, etc.
  • Type of vehicles involved
  • Vehicle’s sequence of events
  • Contributing circumstances
  • Traffic control
  • Roadway information, i.e. profile, alignment, pavement type, etc.
  • Weather condition at time of crash and
  • Brief narrative about events of the crash.
Accident Cleanup

The Missouri State Highway Patrol maintains the current version of the crash report. It was last revised January 1, 2024.

Images of individual crash reports can be read using MoDOT’s Transportation Management System’s (TMS) Accident Browser application. The viewable images of crash reports can be accessed in Accident Browser back to early 1997. Prior to 1997, viewable crash reports are stored regionally on microfilm.