910.6 Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems

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910.6.1 Sharing CCTV Feeds with Partners

MoDOT Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras are purchased using state and federal transportation funds and installed specifically for the monitoring of traffic and to improve incident response. The cameras cannot be adjusted or the feeds used for any purposes other than those related to transportation. Camera streams may be shared with MoDOT's partners upon request for these reasons as well as for Emergency Operations Centers (EOC)/Incident Command with the assurance that the video will be used for the intended purposes. CCTV camera views will not be panned, tilted, or zoomed for any other purposes. Partners may request the movement of cameras by calling the Transportation Management Center (TMC) which controls the cameras.

External partners may request access to view the CCTV camera feeds by contacting the Highway Safety and Traffic Division.

910.6.2 Reporting Issues and Troubleshooting

MoDOT has various softwares capable of controlling and viewing camera streams. If a camera is found to be not working, troubleshooting instructions and district specific contacts for maintenance can be found in the CCTV Maintenance Quick Reference Guide.

General Guidelines

  • For camera outages, MoDOT staff should contact the district in which the camera is located. The public may call 1-888-ASK-MODOT (275-6636) to report issues.
  • For questions about how to use CCTV monitoring software or to request new user IDs, contact Central Office Highway Safety and Traffic.
  • If a camera will be down long-term, inform the Help Desk to temporarily remove the icon from the Traveler Information Map.

Camera Troubleshooting Priority. Access to live video is especially valuable to MoDOT as well as the traveling public during weather events. In acknowledgement of this, troubleshooting of cameras receives a higher priority during weather events.

1. During weather events
A. Any number of cameras reported down
i. Begin investigation of offline cameras: Priority 2
a. If software issue, initiate fix immediately
b. If hardware issue, replacement of hardware is Priority 3. Time can be extended if no hardware in stock.
2. Outside of weather event
A. Corridor/multiple cameras down
i. Begin investigation: Priority 2
ii. All issue fixes are priority 3. Time can be extended if no hardware is stock.
B. Single camera down
i. Begin investigation: Priority 3.
ii. All issue fixes are Priority 3. Time can be extended if no hardware in stock.