940.1 Analysis of Retrofit and Permit Applications

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Where access is being managed on an existing roadway (a retrofit or permit project), it is often not possible to incorporate all of the access management criteria due to economic, physical or other constraints. Care must be taken to balance economic interests with transportation needs. Economic impacts to business must be carefully considered and efforts must be made to mitigate those impacts. Collaboration with property owners and other stakeholders is the most effective method to achieve improvements that satisfy both operational and economic needs.

The collaboration process begins in the early stages of the project. MoDOT staff is to discuss the fundamentals and benefits of managed access with the stakeholders. Emphasis is to be placed on safety and operational benefits and how those benefits can have a positive impact on property values and the business climate. Most stakeholders are more receptive after they gain an understanding of the concepts.

Understanding the concepts may not completely alleviate concerns. Adjoining property owners can remain hesitant to apply the principles on their properties. Personal meetings with each property owner to discuss and mitigate the needs of their site are often the best way to alleviate the concerns. Multiple meetings with some individuals may be necessary to discuss proposals and their impacts. The resulting design may not be entirely satisfactory to either party. Instead, the goal of the process is to produce acceptable operational and safety impacts while gaining consent of the stakeholders.

In cases where the access management criteria cannot be met, a detailed analysis is to be performed to determine the optimum solution. This solution is to improve safety and operations along the roadway and maintain uninterrupted flow on the transportation system and adequate access to the adjoining properties. Flexibility, good judgment, negotiation and compromise will be necessary to determine the right solution for each location.