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One of the essential functions of the Highway and Transportation Commission and MoDOT is to provide a transportation network for the citizens of Missouri and those that travel through the state. One of the ways this is accomplished is by contracting with outside companies to provide improvements to the state's highway infrastructure.

In 1921 the authority to prepare plans and make estimates, let all contracts, provide uniform highway markings and purchase or lease land was prescribed by the governor through Centennial Road Law. At that time the system included approximately 6,000 miles of secondary roads and 1,500 miles of primary roads. Today MoDOT maintains more than 33,600 miles of roadway along with other modes of transportation. Contract bidding is essential in maintaining this vast system.

Doing Business with MoDOT Bidding and Contract Services:
Bidding on Highway Construction Projects
The Design Division is responsible for advertising, letting and awarding MoDOT’s highway construction and maintenance projects. See MoDOT’s Bid Opening Information website. 102 map.jpg
Prequalification of Bidders. To bid as a prime contractor, vendors must either have a Prequalification Contractor Questionnaire (in order to bid on projects of any size) or a Contractor Questionnaire (in order to bid on only projects under $2,000,000) approved and on file with MoDOT, along with the required documentation 7 days prior to the bid opening. Both forms can be found online.
Subcontracting. Prime contractors use subcontractors for numerous elements of an individual contract. On each contract, a prime contractor may propose to MoDOT the subcontractor(s) needed for an individual contract. Although MoDOT has no contractual relationship with subcontractors, MoDOT maintains a review and approval process for proposed subcontractor utilization. This process is included in EPG 108 Prosecution and Progress. MoDOT also maintains a listing of sub-contractors that are approved for use on Commission contracts as a convenience to the contracting community. To be included on this listing, a contractor is required to submit information for review.
Advertisement of Bid Opening. MoDOT publishes a 3-month tentative letting schedule (located under "Documents") on a monthly basis. The official advertisement for the current month is published 5 weeks prior to the bid opening date. A proposal specific advertisement can also be found in local newspapers. Supplemental advertisements may be posted up to 3 weeks prior to the bid opening. In addition, MoDOT may hold a special bid opening as needed. Preliminary Quantities are posted on MoDOT’s website for each letting.
MoDOT also publishes advertisements for federally funded local projects that are administered by cities and counties. Useful MoDOT Websites

Bid Opening Information

Bidding and Contracting Opportunities

External Civil Rights

Forms for Contractor Use

How to Become a MoDOT Subcontractor

How to Become a MoDOT Vendor for the Purpose of Obtaining Plans

Missouri Regional Certification Committee (MRCC) Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

MoDOT's Online Plans Room

Standard Specifications

Other Useful Websites

Bid Express

MO Office of Equal Opportunity


Bidding Documents. Plans, specifications and bidding documents can be accessed at MoDOT's Plan Room.
A web address is available to obtain a vendor number for the sole purpose of accessing plans or receiving e-mail updates.
Bid Guaranty. Contractors must submit a bid guaranty for 5% of the bid amount in the form of a cashier’s check, certified check or a paper or electronic bid bond. Bidders are also allowed to submit annual paper or electronic bid bonds. Electronic bid bonds are only allowed when submitting electronic bids through Bid Express.

Submitting a Bid. All bids shall be submitted electronically using the Bid Express website.

A vendor must have an active Bid Express account in order to submit bids via the internet. Vendors must also download the current version of Expedite Bid software and the electronic bid submission (EBS) files from Vendors must also obtain a digital ID from Bid Expess in order to electronically sign their bids. Obtaining the digital ID may take up to a week.
Bid Results. Apparent Bid Results can be found at on the lettings tab shortly after the bids are opened.
Final corrected Bid Results are posted on MoDOT’s website the day of the letting.
Award of Projects. A Bid Award Summary is posted on MoDOT’s website immediately after award by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission (MHTC).
If awarded a MoDOT contract, a vendor must be in compliance with the established laws to conduct business in the state of Missouri. You will be notified by an Award/Notice to Proceed letter upon approval by the MHTC and the issuance of contract agreement documents.
Bid Tabulations. After award by the MHTC, the individual unit bid prices for each proposal are posted on MoDOT’s website and the Bid Express website. Bid tabulations of rejected projects are not posted.
Prevailing Wage Rates. The Federal and State Wage Rates for each letting are posted on MoDOT’s website (located under "Wage Rate Information").
Letting and Awards. A letting and awards calendar (located under "Documents") identifying the specific dates for the notice of advertisements, monthly bid openings and commission meetings is available.
Additional Resources for Vendors.
“Open Records Law” - RSMo. 610. Requests for records will be provided in accordance with this statute and departmental procedure.
• Surety 2000, (800) 660-3263 - Electronic Bid Bonds
• InSure Vision, (818) 783-3460 - Electronic Bid Bonds
MoDOT External Civil Rights Office (573) 526-2978
MRCC DBE Directory
Missouri Standard Specification for Highway Construction
Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) located in Jefferson City, MO, promotes a diversified workforce within state government and assists women and minorities in developing opportunities to contract with the state. Their number is (573) 751-8130.
Other MoDOT Bidding and Contracting Opportunities
For bid related questions contact:
MoDOT Central Office, Design Division
P.O. Box 270, Jefferson City, MO 65102
Phone: (573) 751-2876; Fax: (573) 522-2281
Each project contains a contact number for project-specific questions.

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