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This article establishes procedures for sampling or approving water intended for use in mixing and curing Portland cement concrete, mortar and grout. It provides the material inspection guidelines for Sec 1070.

For Laboratory testing and sample reporting procedures, refer to EPG 1070.3 Laboratory Testing Guidelines for Sec 1070.

1070.1 Apparatus

One-half gallon (2-liter) clean plastic jug.

1070.3 water.jpg

1070.2 Procedure

After a contractor or supplier has indicated his or her source of supply, obtain a sample of water and submit it to the Central Laboratory for approval, except water supplies that have been identified as potable water, which may be approved for use without further testing. Based on personal judgment that the water is satisfactory for its intended purpose, the District Construction and Materials Engineer may approve a water supply without testing. This method of approval is to be used sparingly and only when the supply is familiar and its characteristics are known.

A sample’s volume is one-half gallon (2-liter) and is taken from the vicinity where the water will be removed for use. Care should be taken to get representative samples, free of extraneous material such as sticks, leaves, etc.

Submit water samples to the Central Laboratory in one gallon (4-liter) or one-half gallon (2-liter) plastic jugs packed in a cardboard box. Plastic jugs, cardboard boxes and filament strapping tape are available from Central Office garage stockroom. Ordinary masking tape and cellulose tape are not considered suitable for use on these boxes. Clearly identify the sample by the creation of a AASHTOWARE Project (AWP) sample record, AWP MA Sample Record, General, and provide any supplementary information required. See EPG 106.3.1 Sampling for additional sampling information.

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