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MGS Information
Current General Services Specifications (MGS) By Subject

This article establishes procedures for inspecting, acceptance and reporting polyethylene bags for various uses.

1140.1 Procedure

1140.1.1 Inspection

Bags are to be randomly inspected at destination for visual and dimensional compliance prior to sampling.

1140.1.2 Samples

One bag of each size represented by the purchase order is to be submitted to the Central Laboratory. Bags are to be selected from random rolls/packages and at random locations therein. The first bag on a roll/package is not to be sampled. A sample record as directed in EPG Submission of Laboratory Samples is to be produced for each sample and is to include all pertinent information, including field inspection results. If the sample fails to meet the requirements of the specifications, 2 additional bags, each from different rolls/packages and different locations therein, are to be submitted for testing. Both of the resamples must meet the specifications or the entire shipment will be rejected.

1140.2 Report

The laboratory will complete and issue the test reports.