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MGS Information
Current General Services Specifications (MGS) By Subject

This article establishes procedures for inspecting, sampling, and reporting diamond saw blades. The material requirements are set forth in the bid request issued by MoDOT.

1150.1 Apparatus


a) Rule with suitable graduations to accurately measure the material to be inspected.

1150.2 Procedure

Upon award of the contract for furnishing diamond saw blades, the Division Engineer, Materials, will determine the number and types of blades required for testing in the Laboratory, considering all blades on a statewide basis. The particular district(s) responsible for sampling will be notified by letter with a copy to all districts receiving blades.

1150.2.1 Inspection

All blades (and if required, certifications) shall be inspected upon delivery in each district for marking, color coding, workmanship and dimensions and other compliance with the specifications. If inspection indicates non-compliance, the Division Engineer, Materials, shall be notified and further instructions will be given.


If the inspection indicates specification compliance, the inspector in the district(s) responsible for sampling shall randomly obtain the requested samples and submit to the Laboratory for testing. A sample record as directed in EPG Submission of Laboratory Samples showing purchase order number and bid request number shall be produced for the samples.

Upon completion of tests performed in the Laboratory, the test blades will be returned by the Laboratory to the supplier for repair or replacement with instructions as to where to deliver the replacements.

If, by laboratory testing, the blades fail to meet any of the specified requirements, resamples shall be obtained as directed by the Division Engineer, Materials .

1150.3 Report

The Laboratory will complete the sample record indicating qualified acceptance or rejection of the blades for each district's delivery.

If the Laboratory test report shows "Qualified Acceptance" and field inspection shows compliance with specification requirements, the sample record shall indicate that the material is accepted. The report shall include the Laboratory tests and a statement regarding satisfactory field inspection.

If field inspection shows noncompliance with specification requirements and the Division Engineer, Construction and Materials, has been contacted, an AASHTOWARE Proejct (AWP) sample record shall be completed by field personnel indicating that the material is rejected. The reasons for rejection shall be listed in the record.