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Safety Policies and Guidance
132 SMa.jpg Comprehensive Safety Program
132 emergency response guide.jpg 2020 USDOT Emergency Response Guide
132 bbs.jpg MoDOT Management System
132 msds.jpg MSDS
132 ppe.jpg Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
High-Visibility Safety Apparel and Headwear
Fall Protection
Head and Eye Safety
Prescripton Safety Eyewear
Respiratory Protection
Safety Footwear
PPE Posters
Daytime Flagger
Daytime Worker
Nighttime Flagger
Nighttime Worker
11 x 17 ROW PPE
8.5 x 11 ROW PPE
132 temperary traffic control.jpg Temporary Traffic Control
Technical Work Zone Form
Work Zone Inspection Forms
Work Zone Safety and Mobility Policy Resources
Work Zone Survey
Quality Standards for Temporary Traffic Control Devices
Safety Videos
Developing MoDOT's Safety Culture
Mowing Safety
Asphalt Operations
Chip Seal
Safety is My Story
TMA Safety Points
Additional Information
Developing MoDOT's Safety Culture
Bike and Pedestrian Safety
Hand Protection
Head and Eye/Face Protection
Hearing Protection
Incident Response Plan and Emergency Response Management

Safety is one of MoDOT’s values. People often first think of work zones when they think of safety, but MoDOT addresses safety toward many audiences.

Missouri's Strategic Highway Safety Plan is an umbrella guide to increase coordination, communication and cooperation among state and local agencies, law enforcement, planning organizations, non-profit organizations and other safety advocates throughout the state.

Many hazards exist on a construction project and all personnel must be constantly alert to avoid injury. This article provides construction inspection guidelines for safety precautions.

The Highway Safety Plan and Performance Plan describes how Missouri’s Section 402 State and Community Highway Safety Program grant will be used to promote highway safety within our state.

EPG 132.1 Material Inspection for Safety presents policies and information about sampling.

MoDOT addresses safety issues to many audiences
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