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214.1 Design

Rock fill is used to control embankment erosion in areas of high hydraulic impact, prevent capillary action from saturating embankments and prevent the entrapment of water by the embankment. Areas that are determined during project design to warrant rock fill are shown on the plans. The plans specify location and dimensions as required to cover the extent of rock fill, and include quantities for its construction. If the soil survey reveals that excavation on the project will provide a sufficient quantity of rock, the rock fill material is paid for with the appropriate roadway excavation item and the pay item for placing rock fill. If there is no source for the rock fill material on the project, the contractor is responsible for obtaining the rock fill material and the plans include the pay items for furnishing rock fill and placing rock fill.

It is common to have significant quantities of rock that will need to be used or wasted on a project. Placement of this material in embankment areas that are not specified as rock fill is to be paid with the appropriate roadway excavation item, not the item for placing rock fill.

214.2 Construction Inspection

As specified - no additional guidance

214.3 Materials Inspection

214.3.1 Scope

To establish procedures for inspecting and reporting stone or broken concrete for use in rock fill.

214.3.2 Apparatus

Rule with suitable graduations to accurately measure the material to be inspected.

214.3.3 Procedure

The stone or broken concrete shall be visually inspected for quality and size. A sufficient number of individual pieces shall be measured to determine compliance with Specification Sec 214.2. No Laboratory samples are required.

214.3.4 Report (Records)

The material shall be reported using AASHTOWARE Project (AWP). "Visual Inspection" shall be shown for Acceptance Method.