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This item is used for grading and shaping slopes on resurfacing projects where stabilized shoulders exist and the resurfacing includes the shoulder. This item is not intended to be used for major reconstruction of slopes, ditches, or shoulders. The shaping is to eliminate the abrupt drop-off at the shoulder edge resulting from the resurfacing, to dress up the slopes appearance and improve safety. A separate measurement is made of each side measured along the centerline of the travel way. Shaping Slopes, Class I is specified on the plans where the material required to bring the roadway to the designated cross-section can be obtained or disposed of within a distance of approximately 1000 ft. on the right of way. Shaping Slopes, Class II is specified where it may be necessary to haul outside the limits of Shaping Slopes, Class 1 or where it is necessary to go outside the limits of the right of way for additional material to construct the slopes to the designated cross section or to dispose of excess material outside the limits of the right of way. Contract quantities are used for payment thus requiring careful consideration of the specified type and accurate indicating of the respective type on the plans.

Construction Inspection Guidelines for Sec 215

Description (for Sec 215.1). As specified.

Shaping Slopes, Class I (for Sec 215.1.1). As specified.

Shaping Slopes, Class II (for Sec 215.1.2). As specified.

Construction Requirements (for Sec 215.2). As specified.

Method of Measurement (for Sec 215.3). As specified.

Basis of Payment (for Sec 215.4). As specified.