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The cost to repair an existing bridge or construct a new bridge can be very high. Timely scheduled preventive maintenance can extend the life of a bridge structure, and provide the taxpayers a return on the investment that was made in construction of the original structure. To extend the life of the department’s bridges, a strategy was developed to emphasize preventive maintenance practices that will preserve the bridges by retarding the rate of deterioration of the bridge components.

The preventive maintenance guidelines for bridges contains work items that can be performed by district personnel at maintenance buildings and some specialty items that can be done by district special crews. The work items are identified in the annual bridge inspection reports. These guidelines will identify the purpose of the work function, provide procedures to be followed, suggest the best time (Bridge Maintenance Calendar) to schedule the work item during the year, mention materials that have been used successfully and address specific safety concerns. Since the type of equipment and size of crews may vary greatly, the guidance does not indicate how each district should perform these work items.

When planning any of the work functions mentioned in these guidelines, supervisors should refer to Traffic Control for Field Operations for proper traffic control signs and devices. The supervisor should also follow the most recent guidelines to notify the district work zone coordinator where work will be performed on a particular day. The Policies, Rules & Regulations - Employee Handbook. shall be followed to ensure the safety of all personnel.

Many of the work functions do not require a lot of material or specialized equipment. By performing these work items in a timely manner, the concrete bridge decks and supporting members can be protected from damage caused by chlorides and water, which can lead to much more costly repairs.