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The Approved Products List (APL) is based on equipment meeting MoDOT specifications and passing a specific test period. All models shall conform to the latest revision of the Missouri Standard Specifications for Highway Construction unless otherwise indicated. The models indicated on the list are approved, but are subject to final field inspection before acceptance.

MoDOT frequently tests new products and equipment for traffic signals and highway lighting and highway signals. These new products may be installed on a construction project, purchased on parts orders or with controller orders. Vendors may also submit items, at no cost to MoDOT, for the test period. Only a limited number of units will be accepted for test statewide until an item is added to the APL. A vendor wishing to initiate a test on a new product shall submit a New Product Evaluation Request Form. Copies of this form can be obtained from our website at or contact Traffic Operations. Minor model changes do not require an evaluation period, although the vendor shall submit specification sheets and a sample of the product for MoDOT to inspect.

Signing Product Evaluation Form
Product Evaluation Form

All equipment evaluations are coordinated through Traffic Operations. The vendor supplying the equipment shall provide equipment specifications and certification that the equipment meets MoDOT specifications before the test is performed. The equipment is tested for the period specified on the APL. Products that are not performing satisfactorily will be replaced with an approved product if the vendor cannot provide timely correction of the problem or if unsatisfactory operation of the intersection results.

If a vendor is proposing a product that does not meet MoDOT specifications, the vendor must provide written explanation to Traffic Operations of why the product meets or exceeds the current specifications. If approved, the product may be tested for the specified period as described below. If the product is satisfactory, MoDOT will consider a revision to the applicable specifications. Products will not be added to the APL that do not meet MoDOT specifications.

Products on the APL must continue to perform satisfactorily and the vendors shall also support the products. Products not performing as required or not supported are subject to removal from the APL.

Grounds for removal of products include but are not limited to:

1) Significant change in product specifications or design without notification to MoDOT.

2) Failure to correct or replace products that are defective in manufacturing or workmanship.

3) Repeated patterns of malfunctions of a product not adequately corrected by the vendor.

4) Unreasonable pricing of repair parts or repair work. Repair work not completed in a reasonable time frame.

5) Excessive delivery times for new purchases or replacement parts.

Changes in standard specifications may also necessitate removal of specific products from the APL. If this occurs, there will be a grace period during which the product will be retained on the list after the specifications are changed. However the product will be removed from the list if it is not revised to meet specifications.

An 8 in. LED Yellow Ball is used for fire stations

The Approved Products List (APL) includes:

  • traffic signal equipment (controlers, cabinets and back panels [EMA and S.S. Pretimed], cabinets and racks [Type 170 controllers], conflict monitors, cabinet accessories, detectors, signal heads, posts and mast arms, light emitting diodes [LEDs] and video detection systems).
All traffic signal equipment requires a one-year evaluation period.
  • highway lighting (lighting poles, foundations, luminaires, high mast lighting and control equipment)
All highway lighting equipment requires a one-year evaluation period except for items noted requiring a six-month evaluation.
All items require a six-month evaluation period.
  • highway signing (breakaway devices, foundations, anchors, sign hardware and signs)
All highway signing equipment requires a one-year evaluation period.