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Rudolph Farber is sworn into the Commission by Missouri Supreme Court Judge Mary Russell

The Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission provides travelers with a system of highway marking or identification that is easy to read and follow. The type of marking relates to the type of service provided by the road. Route markings on Interstate and U.S. routes will be consistent with AASHTO Policy on Route Marking and Application.

The Route Marking Committee studies, reviews and recommends changes in route marking for state and federal routes. The members of the Route Marking Committee are:

  • Asst. Chief Engineer, Chairman
  • State Traffic Engineer, Secretary
  • State Design Engineer
  • State Maintenance Engineer
  • Transportation Planning Director

The committee is responsible to:

  • Recommend route numbers for new state numbered routes.
  • Review MoDOT requests for changes or creation of state numbered or lettered routes and to recommend action to the Chief Engineer.
  • Review proposed U.S. numbered route marking changes and recommend action to the Chief Engineer.
  • Submit recommended changes to AASHTO when required.

This article also discusses route marking criteria.

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