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EPG Section 703.2.8 Concrete Placement

"When an approved concrete pump is used, the designated location for quality control sampling to determine air content and slump is the point of discharge from the mixing truck."

There's no reference to the air loss factor when using a pump. It seems to contradict section 501.1.8.2 where air loss procedure is discussed when using a concrete pump. MoDOT's certification training for AASHTO T141 - sampling concrete, also discusses the need for air loss determination using a pump.

Should some reference be made to the air loss procedure for masonry construction in 703? My concern is for deck pours where concrete is almost always pumped. Should it be added to the checklist for deck pours?

Dan Tschirgi: After consultation with the Construction and Materials Division a link to 501 Concrete (501.1.3 Sampling) has been added for more information on sampling pumped concrete. Thank-you for your contribution.