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The determination of when the scoping is completed for a project will be based on the best combination of many factors and may vary for each individual project. The nature and complexity of the project, the requirements for showing STIP commitments, the time when project scoping begins and the timing of the yearly programming cycle will all help determine when right of way and construction dollars are first shown in the STIP for the project. However, the work to develop a project scope should not be tied to a specific programming deadline but rather, should be dependent on the nature and complexity of the need and proposed solution.

Solutions developed in the project scoping process can vary greatly in terms of timeline, costs, other agency involvement and public involvement. Some needs may be addressed by MoDOT field personnel in a relatively short time frame. Other needs may require years of conceptual engineering and environmental studies. With such varied degrees of time in scoping, a general project scoping timeline cannot be defined. If scoping yields projects to be included in the STIP, there will certainly need to be some coordination of timelines with the development of the construction program. Again however, the proper development of the project scope should be the driving factor rather than possibly compromising the completeness of the scope in order to meet a STIP timeline.