104.5 Items to be Considered and Addressed

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At the completion of project scoping all of the items that could possibly affect the scope of the project will have been discussed by the core team. Decisions with regard to how each of these items will be handled shall be documented for future reference. These items not only include the concept of the project but also items such as consideration of traffic impacts during construction, any special working restrictions that may be placed on the contractor, incentive/disincentive clauses, contract acceleration clauses, environmental constraints, environmental mitigation commitments, etc. The project scoping checklists described in Project Scoping Checklists provide a summarization of the most common items that may be associated with a project. The items on each of the core team member’s checklists and any others pertinent to the project should be addressed prior to completion of scoping.

Most importantly the project manager and core team should ensure that the need has been satisfied.