104.7 Scoping Estimates

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Cost Estimate Guide for Scoping

Estimates based on cost per mile shall in no case be considered to contain sufficient detail to allow their inclusion in the STIP.

The scoping estimate is used to determine solutions for a project. There may be multiple scoping estimates for a project since there are multiple solutions for a project. The district determines which solution best fits the purpose and need of the project and begins preliminary plans stage during which the Program Estimate is complete. The Program Estimate shall not use the cost per mile pricing because there are too many unknowns and assumptions made during the scoping stage of a project to produce an accurate Program Estimate. The Program Estimate shall be at the preliminary plans stage after 30% of the plans are completed.

The cost per mile assumption used to develop the scoping estimate should be derived using data from similar, recently-awarded, projects in the region.

Where similar projects are not found, the Cost Estimate Guide for Scoping may be used. The Cost Estimate Guide for Scoping includes cost per mile factors derived from similar projects as well as the generic factors. These factors typically are for the major items of work and do not include other anticipated work that would be required to construct the project. All other anticipated construction costs should be included in the scoping estimate which is typically assumed at 20% but may be more or less depending on the project.