106.16 Special Designs and Shop Drawings

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The submission of special design information is necessary for various pre-cast concrete elements when the producer is required or allowed to alter the standard design provided by MoDOT.

Drawings, associated design data and plans submitted to MoDOT for approval, should be sealed by a professional engineer (registered in Missouri) representing the contractor or supplier. This is necessary when actual design criteria or design detail is the responsibility of the submitter. The most common examples of this are Special Design Bridge Items (such as special design box culverts) submitted to Central Office through the district Materials staff.

Shop drawings used for set-up in the plant and by MoDOT for inspection purposes do not have to be sealed by a professional engineer when the drawing simply indicates the process, dimensions and procedure to be used to obtain the design previously supplied by MoDOT, even if submitted to MoDOT for approval. Approval of shop drawings does not allow the finished product to deviate from MoDOT’s design.