135.3 Inter-Departmental Relations

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Harmonious working relations among all employees of the department are most important. Understanding the functions and problems of other divisions as well as how they fit into the overall organization will improve teamwork within the department. Each employee has a responsibility to promote good relations with fellow employees. An employee is expected to carry out instructions of that employee's supervisor. The conduct of each supervisor should be such that it earns the full support and cooperation of those employees for whom the supervisor is responsible. Each employee must know their responsibility and must have authority to handle it.

A major factor in the promotion of good working relations is to keep your supervisor fully informed about all pertinent events that happen on work for which you are responsible. This principle applies equally at all levels of authority

The resident engineer's staff, in turn, must be briefed on plans and schedules for the work immediately ahead so they are familiar with the work and able to assist in the administration of the work.