171.4 Shoulders and Approaches

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S&A(A1) Additional Median Crossovers

Refer to EPG 240 Maintenance and Emergency Crossovers for crossover policy guidance.

S&A(A2) Sidewalks

Sidewalks and steps are only maintained by MoDOT where it is a definite obligation of the department. Urban maintenance and construction agreements shall be consulted to determine MoDOT's obligation. Where such delegation has not been specified, adjacent property owners should be required to maintain the walks even though they may be on MoDOT right of way or on the right of way of a dedicated street.

Where MoDOT is the adjacent property owner, MoDOT will maintain the sidewalks. Where sidewalk maintenance is MoDOT's responsibility, the maintenance will be prioritized in accordance with the area, district or statewide needs. The level of maintenance shall, at a minimum, be comparable with that performed in the surrounding community.

171.4.1 Approaches

S&A(B1) Public and Private Road Approaches

Upgrading private road approaches with maintenance forces or funds after the completion of road construction is prohibited. Property owners may apply for an "Excavation Permit" and then construct the approach, according to department specifications, at their own expense.

Upgrading public road approaches is the primary responsibility of the local agency.

Also, refer to EPG 941 Permits and Access Requests.

S&A(B2) Driveway Entrance Maintenance Limit

Refer to EPG 941.9.9 Maintenance of Residential, Commercial and Public Road Entrances.

S&A(B3) Access Control

Refer to EPG 236 Right of Way concerning types of access and EPG 940 Access Management and EPG 941 Permitting Process for Access Management concerning roadway access and restrictions.

171.4.2 Shoulders

S&A(C1) Edge Ruts

Refer to MoDOT's Incident Response Plan concerning edge rut repair priority. Refer to Edge Ribbon guidance in EPG 170, Index of Printable Planning Guide concerning edge rut repair guidance.

S&A(C2) Culvert Ends

All culverts replaced by maintenance forces shall receive end treatments, if practical, i.e. right of way width will allow and major earth work is not needed. Refer to Std. Plan 203.61 concerning roadway AADT and driveway side slope. The type of end treatment required varies; from beveled pipe ends to flared end sections to safety slope end sections refer to Std. Plan 732.00, Std. Plan 732.05 and Std. Plan 732.10 concerning end treatments.

S&A(C3) Rural Mailboxes

Refer to EPG 645 Mailbox Turnouts and Supports concerning maintenance of the mailbox turnouts and refer to EPG 133.4.2 Mailboxes and Snow and Ice Control concerning mailboxes that are damaged by snow and ice removal operations.