231.8 Bridge Width

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Bridge width will vary based on project scope, context of surrounding road and future plans for the route. Project scope and bridge economics usually determine the treatment strategy for individual projects. Treatment strategies range from rehabilitation to rehabilitation and widening to complete replacement. Bridges over 1000 ft long require full width shoulders so that disabled vehicles can be accommodated.

Major Roads

The desirable width of bridges on Major roads includes the traveled lanes and shoulders. The minimum width of bridges for Major roads is 24 ft., that is, there could be situations where an existing bridge may be rehabilitated and used in place even though it may not be the desirable width.

Minor Roads

The desirable minimum width of bridges on Minor roads includes the traveled lanes and 2 ft. shoulders. For routes with 10 ft. lanes, the bridge width to strive for is 24 ft. and for routes with 12 ft. lanes, the desirable width is 28 ft.