236.15 Requests from Cities for Annexations

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All requests from city officials for voluntary annexation of Commission right of way and other Commission-owned property should be submitted to the respective district office. The request must include a statement from the city officials verifying all adjacent property owners, the county where the area to be annexed is located, and all cities within a five-mile radius of the area to be annexed have been notified of the pending annexation and their reaction to that notice.

A checklist for request of annexations

If, in the opinion of the District Engineer, the request documents contain no evidence of significant controversy and the annexation would not be detrimental to the transportation system or the Commission, the District Engineer is authorized to approve the request and execute the related Petition for Voluntary Annexation. Further, the District Engineer may deny requests for voluntary annexation when, in his/her opinion, such denial is warranted.

Petitions for Voluntary Annexations will not require approval as to form by the Chief Counsel’s office or attestation of the Secretary of the Commission.

In all cases where the Petition for Involuntary Annexation is filed against the Commission or MoDOT, the Chief Counsel’s office shall make its entry of appearance in the case and take a non-adversarial position unless justification exists for opposing the involuntary annexation, in which case the Chief Counsel’s office shall enter an appropriate defense.

A checklist for request of annexations is available.